The Power of Flowers - Iwona Stachon

As a macro photographer I love observing and discovering the beauty of flowers and plants from close perspectives. You can find such unique textures, colours, shapes and patterns. I love that - and that's why many of my photos are close to abstract art rather than a conventional image.

Most of the time, the fine detail of that beauty is unobserved - although we admire the colours and shapes as a whole, stopping to analyze the hidden depths of plants allows us to discover wonders of nature that can inspire and leave us with a sense of awe about the intricate ways the world works.

Flowers are not just a visually stimulating decoration, adding to our homes, gardens and parks, but an inspiration to awake our creative mind. The softness of a petal, their delicate nature and when you see how eager they are for the sunshine gives me a much bigger appreciation of the cycle of life.

Being around them gives us a sense of innocence and purity - that's why our eyes draw them out, and our souls seek to be in nature. As you can see in my gallery, I like capturing flowers from lots of different angles and perspectives to show the diversity of natures creations.

I only wish that photography could also capture those amazing fragrances and feel to the touch - perhaps one day virtual reality can give all our senses a taste of that too!

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